Causes of Dizziness

Millions of people have experienced dizziness in some way. Dizziness varies in every individual, for
some dizziness is a feeling of instability, others feel they are spinning or the world is simply spinning
around them, while others simply don’t feel anything until they tend to stand or take a walk. Dizziness greatly affects the value of life for each individual, and their capacity to work on things. Dizziness and balance disorders can cause other conditions such as fatigue, trouble with walking, depression, or lack of concern in daily activities. However, dizziness may not always associated with a severe illness, some are mild and due to bad habits.

Most individuals who experience dizziness after eating usually consumed a large meal. Eating a large
meal requires more blood flow in the stomach to help in the digestion process. The more blood flow
directed to the stomach the higher the risk of dizziness and fainting. The more blood flow to run in the
stomach the lesser the blood pressure hence leading to a feeling of dizziness. This condition occurs in most adults and in older people. People who have existing conditions such as heart disease and diabetes are also vulnerable to dizziness.

Often, medication can contribute to dizziness and fainting. Certain medications such as Antihypertensive medicines which is used to treat high blood pressure, Antidepressant drugs, and Angiotensin Converting Enzyme) can cause the blood pressure and volume to rise and fall resulting in dizziness.

To avoid the feeling of dizziness after eating, make sure to consume the right amount of food and
reduce your intake of food that is high in carbohydrates, sugar, sodium, and fats. Alcohol is also a great causes of dizziness as it affects the balance in your inner ear, so avoiding too much alcohol will help in eliminating the condition.

If you feel like the condition is repeated over and over again, then it is best to consult a medical
professional to obtain the right treatment.

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