Weight Watchers System is Most Useful Tool

Weight watchers points system is a very significant tool for individual who want to successfully lose weight without getting hungry. The weight watcher tool is one of the widely used because it is designed to be simple and easy to use so that people will clearly understand.It has been used since the 1960’s, and since then its approaches have changed over the years. The new technique focal point is to give their members the reason to eat high fiber, low fat foods, and the amount of a particular food to take. The old formula focuses on calculating the point value of an item by finding the calories, total fat, and fiber.The new formula focuses on using the total fat, total carbs and fiber to find the PointPlus value. This technique will greatly help you learn a daily monitoring of your diet. The members are given a daily point allotment based on their gender, weight, activity level, age and height.

So what is weight watchers point system? Typically the system allocates point values to portion of foods. For instance, foods with low point values contains high fiber and a low amount of fat and calories, while those foods that include low fiber and high amount of fat and calories have higher point values. Foods with lower point values can be consumed in elevated quantity than higher point values without affecting your diet but make sure the serving size is not too much even though they are listed on the zero points. On the other hand, food with higher point values should be reduced or eliminated.

Most of the zero point foods include most of the non fatty vegetables such as artichokes, asparagus, beets, zucchini, eggplant, lettuce and mushrooms. Fruits such as kiwis, oranges, and peaches also falls in this category. Some of the condiments and protein such as eggs, salsa and chili sauce have also made it to the zero point. A zero pointed coffee, tea, vegetable juice, or a fat-free creamer can also be consumed with the right serving.

Foods that fall in the one point value includes fatty vegetables at 4-oz corn, a cup of parsnips and peas. A cup of apples, pears, grapes, and melons also assign one point value. Foods that contain less carbohydrates are also listed on the one point value, rice cakes, shredded wheat, five saltines or two slices of wheat bread go under into this category. A slice of bacon, a half cup of crab, an ounce of smoked salmon can also be enjoyed.

Most examples of highest point values are foods which are usually served in your favorite fast food or restaurants. Take for example, a Starbucks muffin might be worth six to ten points, a medium sized fries are given eight points, and a large vanilla milkshakes have a striking fifteen points.

These points are not found on the restaurant menus, so you are required to sign up for a paid membership at weight watchers to have a complete guide of points benefits.

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